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Wonderful service! I live in the united states and had been searching for a necklace that my father had given me when I was younger. He used to travel to Australia (Perth) for business and he brought back these koala/opal necklaces for me and my sister. Over the years we both lost them. He recently passed away and I really wanted to find that necklace. After searching various sites, I finally found this store and emailed Jan to ask for her help. I told her what I wanted and gave her a picture of the necklace. I received them today and they look exactly like the necklace my father had given me. She went to a lot of trouble for me and I will never forget it. The necklaces are beautiful and will be a constant reminder of my father. Thanks again!



Jan is great to deal with. She will work with you as long as it takes to get the right stones. I was looking for stones to replace in my wedding ring. I sent out emails to at least fifiteen shops and Jan was the only one to answer and ask what she could do for me. Jan sent me so many pics to choose from and never any pressure to make a quick choice. Thanks to Jan I am wearing my wedding ring again and I delight in showing it off. Jan I send you my heart felt thanks and wish you the best always, Genie



Great site i enjoyed looking at your loose opals.
                                                                                                 Larry W.   Texas
You are right, Jan, the ring on page 1 is similar to the one I have now but I think my stone is a bit bigger and possibly also a bit lighter in color but not by much.
The white pendant is full of fire but this time around I'm shopping for me, not the wife.
I received them yesterday. Thanks very much, they are beautiful and just what I was looking for.
Kind Regards,
Ms Wilson,
The express post has delivered the item, thank you so much for your trouble.    I will be buying from you again, my fiance loves opal.
Once again, thank you.
Bob .S.

Hi Jan,
How are you.
We received the opal today.
Very nice stone thank you for that.
Keep up the good work
Best regards,
Lily K


 Hi Jan,
Opals are very pretty and I'm happy with them. Can't wait to see what you find on a black opal. That will make a big difference in what I do with these 2 white opals 'cause I'm thinking about waiting to make another ring with the black opal and having these 2 made into earrings. If I do that thou I'd like to include a single necklace "drop" with the set but the "drop" would probably have to be a bit larger, same sort of shape just larger with just as much fire as these have. Keep me in mind for that idea.
Thanks again,